Dienstag 3.3. 19 Uhr: No Lager for women

Infoveranstaltung mit women in exile

Donnerstag 19.3. 19 Uhr: Widerstand für eine freie Gesellschaft

Frauenorganisation in Rojava


Windeln sind teuer – eine befreundete Familie kann sich das nicht leisten.


Tante Horst mag's gemütlichTante Horst is a Bar in the Oranienstraße, the heart of Berlin, Kreuzberg. It’s a place for hanging out, meeting with your friends, drinking beer, longdrinks, cocktails and all kinds of shots. Regular events like readings, discussion meetings, concerts or the like are taking part here as well.

The “Likörchenkollektiv” runs this place since 2006. The idea was and still is to establish a nonprofit bar run by a collective. Collective means collective decisionmaking about all what happens in the establishment, a collective management of all tasks and the same responsibility. Tante Horst is not only a gastronomical place but also a shelter where everyone should feel safe and warm. Therefore we will not accept any sexist, racist, anti-semitic or otherwise disciminatory behaviour or expression.

Wir rauchenSmoking at Tante Horst is allowed. Therefore persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter our establishment.


The Club Horst Krzbrg by the way is a totally different, although not less likeable establishment. You should got there at the time we put the chairs up.

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 6pm until late